Onecoat penetrating oil finish for wood
picto_rendement Coverage: 12 m²/l
picto_temperature Application temperature5°C to +30°C
picto_temps Drying Time: 24 hours



Onecoat, penetrating oil finish.
High solids content - Increased UV protection.
Enhances the natural beauty of the wood.
Non-film building - No peeling or flaking.
Microporous - Allows wood to breathe.
Matt-sheen finish.
Based on natural oils.


TEXTROL® HES is a onecoat, penetrating oil finish for softwoods and European hardwoods. Developed to penetrate deep in to the wood, TEXTROL® HES has a high solids content that protects the wood against the vagaries of the weather and UV rays. Having a matt-sheen finish,
TEXTROL® HES enhances the grain and natural beauty of the wood.


  • Exterior use only.
  • Softwoods - Cedar, Larch, Spruce, Pressure Treated Softwood, THT (see restrictions)...
  • European hardwoods - Oak, Chestnut, Beech...
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Rough sawn or planed wood.
  • Decking, Cladding, Garden Furniture, Shingles, Fencing, Chalets...


Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, grime, mildew and previous coatings.
Treat mildew with a 50/50 bleach/water solution. Scrub solution on to surface and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes; rinse thoroughly.
After cleaning and/or stripping, allow wood to dry 2-3 good drying days or until it has reached a moisture content of 18 % or less before applying finish.
TEXTROL® HES can only be applied to bare wood surfaces or weathered surfaces previously finished with TEXTROL® HES.
ALL other finishes MUST be completely and thoroughly removed.
If necessary sand surface after cleaning and/or stripping (80 grit paper).
New wood surfaces:
Rough Sawn:

  • Apply TEXTROL® HES.


  • New smooth, planed wood has a hard shiny surface called mill-glaze that prevents maximum penetration and adhesion of any finish, this should be removed to ensure maximum performance of the finish.
  • Treat with AQUANETT® or PREPDECK® and neutralise with NET-TROL® OR sand with 80 grit paper to open the wood pores, dust off and degrease surface with Methylated Spirits.

Weathered wood surfaces (untreated):

  • Wood that has weathered longer than 12 months or turned grey should be cleaned with NET-TROL® to remove all loose wood fibres, dirt and other surface contaminants. If wood is severely contaminated, clean with AQUANETT® or PREPDECK® and neutralise with NET-TROL®.

Previously coated surfaces (oiled, paint, stain, varnish...):

  • All previous coatings must be completely and thoroughly removed.
  • Oils and sealers: Strip with AQUANETT®* or PREPDECK®, neutralise with NET-TROL®.
  • Solvent (oil or alkyd based finishes): Strip with DILUNETT® neutralise with NET-TROL®.
  • Acrylic finishes (Water-based): Strip with PREPDECK® neutralise with NET-TROL®.
  • Other finishes i.e. 2 pack epoxies, urethanes... Strip with CDKP® 90*, neutralise surface with a suitable solvent - Acetone, White Spirits, Methylated Spirits...


  • Use as is. Do not thin.
  • Stir can well before and during application.
  • Apply a single liberal application of TEXTROL® HES working in the direction of the grain.
  • After 15-30 min's brush out excess to improve penetration and give a uniform finish.
  • Note: Do not create a film. TEXTROL® HES is not a surface coating, its place is in the wood not on the surface.


  • Approximately once every 2 years depending on wood species, age of wood at time of initial application e.g. new or weathered and colour used.
  • TEXTROL® HES will gradually lighten over time due to exposure to the sun and UV rays.
  • Inspect finish bi-annually.
  • Maintenance is due when the finish has severely faded or the wood takes on a weathered grey appearance. Surfaces with harsh exposure to the sun, weather and foot traffic will show wear more quickly than other areas.
  • Areas retaining good colour do not need re-treating.
  • Clean surface with NET-TROL®*.
  • Re-apply TEXTROL® HES as directed under "Application".
  • Cleaning with NET-TROL®* once a year between treatments to remove dirt and other surface contamination will renew the appearance of the finish and wood.

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