Natural cleaner for flooring and exterior wood
picto_temperature Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
picto_temps Allow to work: 10 to 15 mn



SOAPCLEAN is a gentle, natural cleaner with powerful degreasing properties that removes dirt and soiling from the surface without damaging it. Easy to use, with a pleasant low odour its’ non aggressive action makes it ideal for cleaning surfaces with a delicate finish.


  • Gentle, natural cleaner - Pleasant odour.
  • Concentrated formula - Highly economical.
  • Cleans without damaging the finish or surface.
  • Easy to use - Smear free.
  • Use as part of a daily maintenance routine.
  • Cleans wood without removing the weathered grey look.
  • Restores and maintains the natural look of the finish and surface.


  • Exterior and interior.
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Interior - Traditional lacquered and pre-finished wooden floors. Laminated, Veneered, Melamine and Vinyl flooring. Varnished and Oiled floors.
  • Exterior - Cladding, Decking, Shutters, Garden Furniture….
  • Removal of superficial staining – Mould, Pollen, Pollution….
  • All wood types - Broad leaved woods (Oak, Chestnut, Beech…), Exotic hardwoods (Ipe, Teak, Iroko…), Softwoods (Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Larch…), Pressure Treated wood, Thermally Modified wood, Composite wood.


  • Brush or vacuum off any loose dirt and dust.
  • Remove any organic surface growth e.g. moss.


Interior Flooring

  • Clean floor with diluted SOAPCLEAN using a wrung out mop, sponge or cloth.
  • Allow to dry.

Exterior Wood

  • Apply diluted SOAPCLEAN to the surface being cleaned
  • Allow to work 10-15 minutes
  • Do not allow solution to dry on the surface while working.
  • Clean surface with the appropriate tool.
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh clean water using a hose, pressure washer or bucket and sponge (change water regularly).
  • Allow to dry.
  •  If required repeat process.

Recommendations after Application

  • Water.

our Advice

  • SOAPCLEAN will not remove oils or the weathered grey appearance from exterior wood. In these cases use NET-TROL, AQUANETT or PREPDECK.
  • Newly finished surfaces must be left a minimum of 15 days before cleaning with SOAPCLEAN.




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