Glassfibre polyester cement
picto_rendement Coverage: depends on the type of use
picto_temperature Application temperature: N/A
picto_temps Drying: time varies by the amount of hardener.


Two pack reinforced glass fibre filler for plugging holes and gaps on most surfaces.
Excellent adhesion to most surfaces: metals, aluminum, wood, stone, polyester.
Easy to use.
Easy to sand.
High resistance to water, petroleum, mineral oil, dilute acids and alkalis.
Coatable with any type of paint (single or two pack).
Very good impact resistance.
Excellent working properties when hard - drilling, sawing, screwing, filing, cutting....


  • Interior/Exterior - Horizontal/Vertical
  • Bonds to ferrous and non ferrous (aluminum, copper, lead ...) metals, wood, concrete, stone, marble, cement, sandstone, mosaic, PVC, polyester, ABS ...

Areas of application

  • AUTO / MOBILE HOME: Rust holes, torn metal, big cavity holes, dents, cracks, fairing, housing, reservoir, radiator.
  • TRAILER: body repair, waterproofing.
  • MARINE hull and decks of wooden boats, metal or polyester, protects against corrosion.
  • CONSTRUCTION: sealing and crack in concrete, brick, cinder block, metal tank leaks, concrete or polyester line.
  • AGRICULTURE: tanks, troughs, barrels, buckets, tractor and agricultural machinery.
  • CENTRAL HEATING: pipes, radiators, boiler, pump, thermal insulation.
  • PLUMBING: supply pipes and drainage, fittings, drains, wash basin, sink, bathtub.
  • COVERAGE: roofs, downpipes, gutter, frames, skylights.
  • HARDWARE: iron gate, door, metal shutters, wrought iron.
  • FOUNDRY: blowholes, defect castings, moldings.




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