Cold welding universal polyester cement
picto_rendement Coverage: depends on the type of use.
picto_temperature Application temperature: N/A
picto_temps Drying time: by varying the amount of hardener.


True Cold Welding; seals, insulates, glues, fixes and levels irregularities on multiple surfaces.
Excellent adhesion To most surfaces: metal, aluminum, wood, stone, GRP, ...
Easy to use - Easy sanding - Will not clog the abrasive paper.
Curing time adjustable, according to time needed.
Once cured, can be mechanically machined - drilled, filed, buffed, sawn, screwed, cutting ...


  • Interior/Exterior - Horizontal/Vertical
  • Bonds to ferrous and non ferrous (aluminum, copper, lead ...) metals, wood, concrete, stone, marble, cement, sandstone, mosaic, PVC, GRP, ABS....


  • Colour: White
  • Binder: Polyester Resin
  • Catalyst: Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Storage: 12 months

Areas of application

  • AUTO / MOBILE HOME: Rust holes, torn metal, big cavity holes, dents, cracks, housing, reservoir, radiator.
  • CARAVAN: body repair, waterproofing. MOTORBIKE : fairing, helmet, tank, sump.
  • MOTO : fairing,helmet,reservoir,crank case
  • MARINE: hull and decks of wooden, metal or GRP boats, protects against corrosion.
  • CONSTRUCTION: sealing cracks in concrete, brick, cinder block, leaks in metal tanks, concrete or GRP lining.
  • DIY: Repair rigid plastic objects, PVC, GRP, ABS,
  • ELECTRICITY: all insulations (12,000 volts / mm), battery tray.
  • AGRICULTURE: tanks, troughs, barrels, buckets, tractor and agricultural machinery.
  • CENTRAL HEATING: pipes, radiators, boiler, pump, thermal insulation.
  • PLUMBING: supply pipes and drainage, fittings, drains, wash basin, sink, bath.
  • COVERAGE: roofs, downpipes, gutter, frames, skylights.
  • HARDWARE: iron gate, door, metal shutters, wrought iron.
  • FOUNDRY: blowholes, defective castings, moldings.




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