OWATROL half a century at the box office!

RUSTOL fights against rust!

More than 50 years old and still working hard!
No product has beaten it yet: Rustol remains the undisputed champion. This safe bet has defied time, as well as rust, and is close to the handyman's heart. There aren't many workshops, garages or houses where you won't find it to hand. Only the container has changed over time. The content is the same. And with good reason! Many have attempted to imitate its formula, a jealously guarded secret, without ever succeeding. Never change a winning team!

More than 50 years old and still behaving impeccably!
The reason Rustol is so efficient is that it doesn't transform or destroy: there's no chemical action and it penetrates deep in the heart of the rust to stop it. How? By creating a flexible high quality protective film, which makes the metal waterproof. Rustol is also multi-talented. It's an excellent additive for paints and woodstain, optimising and facilitating their application, and its power of adhesion creates an incredibly effective bonding film!

More than 50 years old and still the easy way out!
The other secret behind its long life is its ease of use. Rustol acts deep down... and alone. Apply and allow it to penetrate the smallest spaces, stabilising the metal deep down... And in the meantime, you put your feet up! In short: with qualities like these, Rustol can look forward to a bright future!