Removes rust from stainless steel - Revives dull and faded gelcoats
picto_rendement Coverage: 18 m2/l
picto_temperature Application Temperature: 5°C to 35°C
picto_temps Working time before wiping off: 10 to 20 min



Dulled by the aggressive effects of the weather, finishes and the surfaces of materials such as plastic, gelcoat and metal become chalky, dull and lose their shine. Unlike conventional polishing methods, which are complicated and tedious MARINE POLYTROL quickly restores their shine in just a few minutes.

Wetting and Penetrating:
- Does not create a film: no risk of flaking. Works deep in the surface, restoring from the inside out.

Resin rich:
- Fills all the surface micro-cavities, waterproofs and gives long lasting protection. Effective on Plexiglass.

- Cleans anodised aluminium. Restores shine to polished metals, chrome, copper....
​- Eliminates white rust on zinc and lead.
- Shines non-ferrous metals as well as stainless and galvanised steels.
- Revives stainless steel and aluminium exposed to heavy weathering.
- Restores the colour and apperance of tarnished gelcoats.


  • Work small areas at a time to avoid MARINE POLYTROL  drying on the surface and creating a film.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces.
  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, silicone and other surface contamination.
  • If required clean metal surfaces with a suitable solvent or warm water and detergent. On plastic/gelcoat surfaces clean with DECK CLEANER (NET-TROL). Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry 12 hours.
  • Cover and protect surfaces that are not to be treated.
  • Test a small area first.


  • Apply an application of MARINE POLYTROL to saturation using a soft brush. For best results on metal use fine wine wool (000 grade) soaked in MARINE POLYTROL and apply with a rubbing action. Protect any wood below where you are working.
  • Leave to work 10-20 minutes then remove any excess with a cloth or paper towel to avoid a film being created on the surface. 
  • Lay paper towels or cloths flat to dry before discarding.
  • Allow to dry 24 hours (minimum) before puttting in to use.

picto_phrase_obligatoires Dangerous. Observe safety instructions. Aerosol - Extremely flammable, Pressurised container, may explode when subjected to heat. Harmful to aquatic life, causes long term adverse affects. The instructions given here are for guidance only. Please refer to the Technical Data sheet for full application instructions.

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