PID 60 Marine

Anti-rust primer and bonding coat
picto_rendement Coverage: m²/l to 10 m²/l
picto_temperature Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
picto_temps Drying: 1 hour


PID 60 MARINE is a universal anti-rust primer made from alkyd resins and anti-corrosive pigments for the priming and protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gelcoat, galvanised and old painted surfaces etc.


  • A single pack anti-rust primer and bonding coat.
  • Keeps surfaces rust free before handling and/or shipping.
  • Easy to apply. Good opacity.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Good filling properties.
  • Overcoat with all types of rust protecting finishes - 1 or 2 pack.


  • Interior and exterior.
  • All surfaces above the waterline.
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Plastic, Gelcoat, Concrete, Fibre-cement, Galvanised surfaces....
  • Previously painted surfaces.
  • Metal structures - Pipes, Machinery, Tanks, Superstructure....


  • PID 60 - Spray only (NOT airless or airmix)
    For application by spray PID 60 MARINE may be diluted up to 30% with White Spirit.


Surface must be clean, dry and free of all oil, grease, salt and other surface contamination including any sanding or blasting residue before applying PID 60 MARINE.

Metal Surfaces exc. Galvanised, Zinc and Aluminium:

  • Prior to blasting or manually preparing the surface all salt contamination should be removed using fresh water and the surface dried, all oils, grease etc. must be thoroughly removed by scraping and using a suitable cleaning solvent e.g. Acetone.
  • Remove all traces of mill scale, rust, rust scale and other foreign matter by blast cleaning to SIS-Sa2½ or at the least manually to SIS-St3 by grinding (P24-P36) or sanding (40-120 grit).
  • Remove all blast and manual preparation residue by vacuum cleaner, air blower or a stiff clean brush.
  • For difficult areas the removal of rust by chemical means may be possible with diluted OWAYELL (See "Dilutions").


  • Thoroughly clean surface using a suitable solvent e.g. Acetone.
  • Blast surface using a suitable medium or sand with 24-120 grit paper compatible with Aluminium.
  • Remove all blast and manual preparation residue by vacuum cleaner, air blower or a stiff clean brush.
  • For difficult areas pickle the surface using diluted OWAYELL (See "Dilutions").


  • Thoroughly clean surface using a suitable solvent e.g. Acetone.
  • Pickle the surface using diluted OWAYELL (See "Dilutions").
  • Rinse and dry the surface.


  • Clean surface with OWACLEAN or hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly.
  • Abrade with 180-220 grit sanding discs.
  • Clean and dry the surface.

Previously Painted Surfaces:

  • Checking existing finish for adhesion by using the Cross Hatch test method.
  • If existing finish is weekly adhered it must be completely and thoroughly removed by blast cleaning to SIS-Sa2½ or SIS-St3 minimum. If coating is well adhered proceed as follows:
  • Thoroughly clean and sand/blast surface to form a good key, feathering in any sharp edges.
  • Any bare areas of metal to be prepared to SIS-St3 minimum.

Note: It is imperative that metal is coated with PID 60 MARINE within 8 hours.


  • Stir well before and during use
  • Apply an even, single coat at the recommend wet film thickness.
  • Allow to dry.
  • If required a second coat may be applied.
  • If a perfectly smooth surface is required PID 60 MARINE may be sand when 100% cured before applying the finish
  • If the overcoating time of PID 60 MARINE exceeds 5 days, clean surface with a suitable solvent e.g.
  • Acetone, sand with 220-230 grit abrasive and clean surface carefully with a cloth.

Recommendations after Application

  • Clean all tools and equipment with white spirits while still wet. If allowed to dry, remove with paint stripper.

our Board

  • Cover everything you do not wish to paint, especially when applying by roller or spray.
  • DO NOT dilute PID60 MARINE except when applying by spray (NOT airless or airmix) - see "Dilutions".
  • Apply between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C (95°F)
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot surfaces.
  • Drying time is affected by 3 factors:
  • Temperature, ideally understood to be between 5°C (41°F) and 35°C (95°F)
  • Relative humidity, ideally between 50% and 60%
  • Good ventilation in the working area.
  • If one of the above conditions is not met the drying time of PID 60 MARINE should be extended to avoid risk of a reaction with the finish coat.
  • Use appropriate protective clothing especially when spraying e.g. Gloves. Goggles, Mask...

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