Insecticide, fungicide, anti-termites, anti-blue stain
picto_rendement Preventive coverage: 5 m²/l - Curative coverage: 3 m²/l
picto_temperature Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
picto_temps Drying time: 24 to 48 h



Prevents and cures insect and fungal attacks.
Formulated to protect against termites and blue stain.
Easy application. Ready to use. Excellent penetration.
Clear, low odor and non flammable.


  • Direct on prepared woods
  • Interior wood infected or in good condition : vertical/horizontal surfaces (paneling, stairs, flooring, furnitures,...)
  • Exterior wood infected or in good condition : vertical surfaces (cladding, window and door frames...) except broad leaved woods ie oak, chesnut, ash...
  • Meets class 1, 2 and 3a


  • Wood in good conditions : apply liberal application until wood is saturated or apply by garden sprayer. Ensure all end grains are well saturated.
  • Infected wood in sound condition : areas that have been weakened by infestation should bec ut out and repaired using a suitable wood repair system or a new piece of wood fitted. Liberally apply Sanixyl until wood is saturated including end grain.
  • Severely infected wood : drill every 20cms for large sections and 40 cms for small sections and inject Sanixyl. Follow with liberal application over entire surface.
  • For dipping please contact us
  • Clean tools thoroughly and immediately after application

Areas of application

Prevents :

  • Insects attack : Capricornes, Vrillettes, Lyctus, Termites
  • Cubic Rot fungi (Brown Rot) and discoloration of the wood from blue stain

Cures :

  • Insects attack : Capricornes, Vrillettes, Lyctus, Termites***
  • Eliminates deep boring insects and re-infection.
    **Regarding termite infected wood, the work should be carried out by a qualified professional in order to treat first floors and walls. Termite infected woods might have to be replaced regarding their infection level.




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